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Digital condom electrifies your pleasure

American scientists created a condom can produce electric shocks in the most intimate moment of sexual intercourse. The invention increases the enjoyment but still failed to prevent the transmission of disease or pregnancy.

Digital condom electrifies your pleasure

Three researchers from the Georgia Tech University (United States) invented a digital "condom", an erotic toy that provides tiny electrical impulses to provoke a greater pleasure in sexual intercourse.
According to one of its creators, Andrew Quitmeyer, its objective is to develop a sexual technology so people can imitate the designs of their sex toys or build your own. Quitmeyer, PhD student at Georgia Tech, worked alongside fellow Firaz Peer in the creation of the device, which was baptized "Electric eel".

This prototype, which, at first sight, resembles more a media that a condom, is composed with a conductive fabric, which is placed on the penis (fastened with a Ribbon velcro) and has a "microcontroller" designed for the technologies available, which are those that can be used in clothes and the like, sending short electric bursts of low intensity.

Its creators describe it as a "concept of condom" digital's open source to enhance sexual pleasure, although neither prevents the transmission of disease or pregnancy. "It will not prevent any disease, but it can help us to develop real condoms with electrodes", States Quitmeyer.

The idea of creating this device, recognizes the creator of the "electric eel", is inspired by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This NGO counts among its "grand challenges for global health" the creation of a new generation of preservatives that improve the pleasure during sex, because they believe that they will encourage their use and will reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

After working for two weeks in the "electric eel", its inventors guarantee that its effectiveness and safety were tested by themselves and ensure that it is pleasant to use. "This is just one of the many designs we are doing for our company, Comingle", says Quitmeyer.

Quitmeyer and Peer, who founded his firm with another student from Georgia Tech University, Paul Clifton, and began marketing its device through its website. They ask for $350 (or more, if someone is willing to pay) manufactured erotic toys and, with its sale, expect to raise funds that will ensure the continuity of the company.

Before the "electric eel", they developed another prototype from a conventional condom, which added a few cables that caused electrical stimuli, and have another similar device. "Our ultimate goal is to create open source sex toys so people can play them or build them itself," States Quitmeyer.

Comingle, according to founders on its web page, is based on the philosophy "DIY" ("Do it yourself", in English) applied to sexual technology and, to this end, they will share the keys to their designs and will provide the parts needed to build your sex toys or create new.

For the moment, they are at an early stage of research and development, support, but announce that when they get more funding they pursued "larger goals".

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