domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Kicillof, a lion selling Durax

Many years ago, when still the Argentinean TV was black and white, emerged the then future actor Jorge Martínez starring in an advertising spot of vessels, supposedly unbreakable, called Durax. The slogan then it was a success in operas, and later in the sitcoms of Hugo Moser, who installed was "I am a lion selling Durax". In this case, Cristina advertised to his Minister Axel Kicillof stating that he "fought like a lion" to finish paying US$ 5 billion by YPF.

Kicillof, a lion selling Durax

The "lion" Axel Kicillof explains some concepts to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Jorge Capitanich, at the opening of the 132 ninth ordinary session of the National Congress. Photo NA: Hugo Villalobos
City of BUENOS AIRES (Urgente24). The Chief of State highlighted the role in negotiations with Repsol economy Minister Axel Kicillof and Secretary for Legal and technical, Carlos Zannini, for payment and the compensation for the expropriation of the 51% of YPF.

They were the only 2 mentions of close aides, with name and surname, held by Cristina in his speech. For many, all a message regarding the structure of power in his Cabinet of Ministers. Jorge Capitanich, or mu.

She said that "Kicillof fought like a lion".

And wondered: "How do I will tell the Minister of economy, which will not be paying anything? There is no expropriation if there is no compensation. What he said is that we weren't going to pay Repsol wanted."

In that sense, he added: "the truth is that we have closed a payment by $5 billion in bonds, and by a very long cycle".

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